Veni. Vedi. Cepi.

For every couple planning their wedding, there tends to be one aspect of the day that is most important to them; sometimes an exquisite meal, or a free-flowing bar, for some a kick-ass band will make the day theirs.  Considering how you most like to enjoy yourself and making this the focus of the day is a great way to prioritise your planning - and your budget.  

I’ve attended a few weddings as a guest with no hired wedding photographer and while it was lovely to enjoy the day without breaking for posed shots, after each one I have received slightly frantic email asking if I took any pictures of the day that I could share and it got me thinking.  There’s a great argument for living in the moment instead of behind, or in these cases in front of a camera.  Almost everyone has a smart phone now, so social media sharing sites are a great way to capture candids - why not have your own wedding #hashtag.  

The thing is, after the food has been eaten and the band has packed away, after your dress has been dry cleaned and cake has been distributed the one part of your wedding that increases with value over time are your photographs.  Your special day, more often than not, will be a blur of love and hugs and tears and smiles, a good photographer will tease out moments from the day, writing your story in a picture book.

Even for the most camera shy couple, I would recommend finding a good photographer and selecting them should be a wholly personal process.  Ensure their style of photography is to your liking, that they are happy to take the shots you wish to stage, but most of all make sure you choose someone you like. You want to feel as comfortable as possible in front of the lens - it will translate to beautiful images that capture the real emotion of your wedding day.

As a planner, I get kid-on-Christmas-morning excited when my happy couples share their wedding photos with me.  It’s a chance to re-live the special day; the golden moments shared and captured for you to keep forever.

The Little Things

Weddings are full of precious moments, love, laughter and humanity - it’s one of the reasons I became a planner.  If asked what is my favourite part of a wedding is, I cannot chose a single element; each wedding is different it seems silly to try and compare.  I’m frequently moved to tears when the bride walks down the aisle and I never miss a Father of the Bride’s speech.  I toast every bride and groom privately for luck, even if it is with a cup of tea in the kitchen, that’s my own personal tradition.  


Often the most memorable moments are the ones that aren’t planned; I always encourage Brides and Grooms to not focus too much on the details - every wedding is perfect, even in it’s imperfections.  There will always be things you cannot plan for, most notably the elements!  But the most beautiful memories can be gifted from things ‘going wrong’ - when the heaven’s open and everyone has to run for cover, only to be rewarded with a sky-splitting rainbow a few minutes later. 


I had a venue visit with a bride recently and when discussing the day she trusted me with the most sacred of secrets… the song choice for The First Dance.  And it is going to be magical.  I felt so privileged to be trusted with this knowledge; it’s a great responsibility being a planner but the rewards are many.  Often you are the sole person who knows the plan for the entire day; the surprises the Bridal party have organised is just one example.  You get witness the private moments when a wedding is more than a wedding and is the beginning of a marriage.  I love the quiet minute before I announce the new Mr and Mrs into the wedding breakfast; sharing a hug after all the weeks and months of preparation has culminated in saying the ‘I do’s’, just before sharing their fist meal as a married couple the festivities begin.


The piece of advice I give to every bride and groom is to take 10 minutes alone to just be with each other.  The day will go in a flurry of well wishes and music and the blink of an eye, you need a pause to take it in and share a few minutes and a few kisses that belong just to you.